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3 Best shot list apps

Shot Lister (Recommended Choice)

Shot Lister is the professional shot list and scheduling app that is self-dubbed “a better way to make your day.” No more crumbled piece of paper with all of your scribbled plans and touch the digital future of shot listing.

Shot Lister is designed by filmmakers to deliver the only solution that can build, organize, schedule & share shot lists & shooting schedules digitally. Tap and drag to reorganize your day in seconds. Organize and store hundreds of scenes and thousands of shots with industry standard formatting. Everything is fully customizable and live-editing allows you to reschedule on the go.

The real crown jewel of shot lister is the way it works while you are on set, showing you how your schedule is changing live while you shoot, so you can make informed decisions minute by minute. No other app has that killer feature.


Highly customizable

Incredible live shooting mode

Free iOS version


Requires subscription for some features.


FREE to use, $15.99/Month (Pro)

Studio Binder (Expensive Choice)

StudioBinder is a fundamentally new way for filmmakers, production companies, and agencies to streamline their production workflow for the 21st century. Offering web-based filmmaking software with a suite of integrated products, Studiobinder has a plethora of features including Call Sheets , Script Breakdowns, Shooting Schedules, Contact Lists, Tasks, Calendars and files.

It also allows for Shot Lists & Storyboards with robust, customizable shot list and storyboard builder.


Highly customizable

Clean design

Good collaboration tools


Expensive subscription

Hard to change while shooting

Price: $29/Month

Shot List

(Affordable Choice)

ShotList stores the details, locations and notes for each scene ready for instant recall. Use it to track progress throughout the day of a shoot, or to break down a script and plan out a multi-day shoot in advance – all “on the go”. Great as a light weight app to track your shots.


Simple to add and track shots



Difficult to sync with crew

No Desktop or Android App

Unappealing design

Price: $9.99


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